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Success doesn’t necessarily come
from breakthrough innovation
but from flawless execution.
A great strategy alone won’t win
a game or a battle; the win comes
from basic blocking and tackling.

— Naveen Jain, Co-founder and chairman Moon Express Inc. —



Julian Bittel gained diverse international experience in eCommerce Strategy, Webinar Sales and effective Lead Generation from working at international corporations such as Siemens, Weidmüller Interface and fast-growing startups such as Grünspar GmbH (Exit in 2015 to EWE AG).
Being the founding CEO of Fedano with high quality travel and sleep products in the price premium segment taught Julian how accelerated growth can be achieved by focussing on a niche market with a small range of products.
Becoming an Expert in Amazon Sales Strategies, Webinar Sales and Podcasting is the result of being at the forefront of innovation with projects such as
On the academic side, Julian has been studying both three semesters at Portsmouth Business School and Münster University of Applied Sciences respectively, gaining a bachelor’s degree in International Management from both universities.

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